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Q: Why can't I print stories?

A: There is, as you may know, a real problem with theft of intellecual property on the web. The material on WebRodder is being protected to try to prevent this. We appologise for the inconvenience but hope you understand that theft of this material is like someone stealing your paycheck. We are working on a way to allow honest readers to print while defending our means to make a living. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Q: I have to scroll around a lot to read parts of WebRodder. Why?

A: All web material must be designed for a specific screen resolution. We have found that most newer machines are designed for 1024 X 768 screen resolution and so we offer this as our standard. You can change your resolution to match this - it may actually help your viewing over all. If you have a very small monitor or have a very old computer this may not work well.

Q: It takes a long time to download stories. What's the problem?

A: WebRodder stories are, because of the large amount of content and larger photos, by their nature larger documents. While we have compacted them as best we can (work continues as technology allows)they remain large. On slower dial-up connections it may take several minutes to open them.

Q: How do I contact an advertiser about their products?

A: There are many ways. You can click on the small ad to get to more info. You can go to the ADVERTISER index for full information. You can click on the advertiser in the PRODUCTS and NEW PRODUCTS for more information.

Q: Is WebRodder owned by an advertiser?

A: No. WebRodder is an independent tech magazine. It is free to readers because we have advertisers. All tech info offered is intended to provide useful tech and while supported by the advertisers is not advertorial or paid advertisement. We do our best to remain an independent voice providing readers honest information.

Q: How can I get answers to specific tech questions?

A: Several ways. 1.Read the stories that contain this type of information or similar information. 2.Use the WebRodder forum. Unlike some, it tends to be used by serious people that both ask questions and offer solutions and we've found our members quite helpful.

Q: I get a blank page instead of a story. Why?

A: Two possible reasons occur: 1.You are on a slow connection and you have not waited long enough for the story to load. 2.You may have a obsolete or missing version of the Flash player. Download and install a current version of Flash to resolve this issue.

Q: I have an older version of Windows with the older version of Internet Explorer that came with it. I am having trouble reading the stories or they will not load at all.

A: Older versions of Internet Explorer lack some functions required for full use of WebRodder - particularly the stories. You can correct this problem by downloading and installing the latest version of Internet Explorer (free) from the secure MicroSoft web site.

Q: Is it safe to download the new software you recommend?

A: Yes. We use only software from safe, recognized sources. Both MicroSoft and Flash software is downloaded only from their secure sites which we have the highest confidence in. Do not download from other non-secure sites.

Q: Are there some computer systems that work better on this site?

A: Yes and no. Recently we managed to convert our software to accomodate MAC machines better than previously. In addition, we've made an effort to make non-Microsoft Explorer browsers happier with the site. We don't know of any type of computer or software system that does not work well at this time. However, we do know that there will always be some computers that are just not up to par anywhere they are used. An example of this would be a lot of the Hewlit-Packard (HP) machines sold through discount stores. Many feel they are cheap junk and never get any better. Waht this means is that like any other product if you buy junk you get junk out of it. Another aspect would be the age of your computer and software. It appears that the software makers and computer makers build in some serious planned obsolescence. We have no control over this but do realize that over time your computer will progressively stop working properly as the manufacturers phase your equipment and software out.

Q: How do I purchase a black and white laser printed version of one or more of the articles?

A: Click on the notice at the top right side when viewing each article. You will be taken to a page where you can order articles through PayPal. To add more articles, return to the articles and for each one you want repeat these steps. When you have all the articles listed that you want, complete the payment and ordering process.